Thank You!

Today we say goodbye to our 2019 KidsAct! and TeensAct! camps!  It has been amazing summer, and we have loved working with all of your kids.  Each and every session brought us tons of joy and laughter, and we could not have asked for a better summer.  We will surely miss When I Grow Up I Will Be Naughty, For The Dreamers, The Case of The Missing Bride, The Spoon, Into The Woods…. 2, The Play That Went OOF, Plant Gorp: The Final Frontier, After The Meteor Hit, and Pest Control: Ratlandia.  Every single one special and amazing in their own way.  From all of us in the Education Department, we thank you.

On a personal note, it has been my absolute pleasure writing all of these blogs and updating you on our adventures.  Thank You for taking your time to read.  Thank You for sending your children to camp.  Thank You.  ~ SophieIMG_0332IMG_0629IMG_1527IMG_1668

Avengers Endgame!

Today was an eventful day!  We spent the day at Zion rehearsing and perfecting our shows on stage!  It was also Pizza Day!  So at lunch, we all took a well deserved break and enjoyed some delicious pizza.  We are very excited to present three different, brand new shows!  The Kids are very excited to perform Planet Gorp: The Final Frontier.  Jane’s group will perform After The Meteor Hit!  Sam’s group will present Pest Control: Ratlandia!  Each show features some original heroes and villains, and we cannot wait to show the world!


I Am Inevitable!

Today was Super Villain Day!  So we started the day with a Super Villain parade, so we could all show off our Super Villain Outfits!  We saw a bunch of brand new villains, as well as some classics!  Perhaps most importantly about today, all of our shows are finished!  Every single group worked incredibly hard at their devising to finish their shows, and working on polishing!  We are so excited about what these shows have become!  Tomorrow will certainly be a day full of tons of hard work as we polish and rehearse for Friday!

Why Is You Crying?

Today was full of so much hard work!  Every group is almost finished with their shows, and working hard on polishing them!  With Sophie, each Teen group added some awesome super fights to their shows!  They cannot wait to share them with everyone on Friday!  All of our songs are done, and being staged and polished!  The Kids added staging to What is This Feeling!  Jane’s group perfected their staging for Extraordinary!  Sam’s group worked on staging for Celebrate!  We are all moving towards the end, and we cannot wait to share these shows!

You Have To Do, Extra Ordinary Things!

Today, was a very fun day!  In the morning, both groups of Teens had a class in stage combat with Sophie.  They learned all about the basics of stage combat and how to be safe when you have to fight on stage.  After all, safety is what is most important.  In music, all of the groups worked on their songs as well as their staging.  The Kids have finished Holding Out For a Hero, Sam’s group has finished the Spiderman Theme which has been changed to fit our group of heroes, and Jane’s group has finished Extraordinary!  The rest of the day was heavily devoted to devising.  Each group is almost done with their shows!  Believe me, we cannot wait to see how they end!

Trust In A New Tomorrow!

Happy Friday!  Today was a very special day at camp!  It was Popsicle Day and we went to see Hansel and Gretel!  In the morning, each group worked hard on devising!  All of our plays are really coming along!  On Monday, the Teens will be learning about Stage Combat with Sophie to add some super fights to their shows!  Then after lunch, we all enjoyed some delicious popsicles!  Once we had finished our popsicles, we all got our stuff together to make the journey to the Berkshire Museum where we enjoyed Hansel and Gretel!  Everyone had a lot of fun, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you only have two more chances!  Happy Weekend Everybody!

Believe It Or Not! I’m Walking On Air!

Today we spent so much of our time devising!  In music, Sam’s group rewrote the lyrics for the Spiderman theme to fit their brand new superhero force, Pest Control!  They also worked on some pretty awesome harmonies!  Jane’s group kept working on perfecting their songs as well!  The Kids worked really hard on Holding Out For A Hero in both music and dance!  Their dance looks awesome and it’s really coming along!  In devising, all three groups have found their shows!  So we all made outlines of our stories and set to creating the scenes!  We cannot wait to build on what we started today!  We’re also going to see Hansel and Gretel tomorrow so we are sure to have a busy day full of fun!

Holding Out For A Hero!

Today was Superhero Day!  So we naturally started the day with a Superhero Parade so everyone could show off their super personas!  Today was also our day all about concrete mime!  So in the morning, each group got a master class in concrete mime with Allison!  In music and dance, each group kept working on what we started yesterday!  Then in the afternoon, each group set to devising.  The Kids worked on making some short plays based off of mad libs.  Jane’s group made scenes about Heroes and Sidekicks.  Sam’s group worked on building a brand new world for heroes and villains to exist in.  Tomorrow, we will begin to build on what we started today!

Look Out! He is the Spiderman!

Today we all had the chance to learn about Commedia dell’arte with Sam!  All of the kids learned about each of the principal Commedia characters, and had the chance to play some games where they could play with the physicality of each of the characters.  Maybe we’ll see some of them in our shows!  In music, Sam’s group began to learn the theme from the Spiderman Cartoon.  Jane’s group began to learn Be The Hero from Big Fish.  The Kids began to learn the Bonnie Tyler classic, Holding Out For A Hero as well as What Is This Feeling from Wicked.  In Dance, each group learned a small combination to Holding Out For A Hero.  In the afternoon, each group worked on devising.  The Kids worked on creating scenes from tableaus featuring some heroes and villains.  Jane’s group created scenes based on the theatre game Machine, where they created some Superhero Machines.  Sam’s group brainstormed some heroes, villains, and places then created tableaus from the brainstorm.  After which, they added lines and turned them into scenes.  Tomorrow is Superhero Day!  We can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the table with their Super Personas!

I Will Save You!

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  No!  It’s Session 4, Heroes and Villains!  Oh boy are we excited about this one!  And it’s our largest session!  So large that we have two different groups of Teens in TeensAct!  So at the end of all of this, we will have THREE whole shows to present!  So in the morning, we began with some ice breakers and getting to know you games.  In music, the Kids began to learn How Far I’ll Go from Moana.  Both groups of Teens learned Seize The Day from Newsies.   Jane’s group of Teens began to learn Extraordinary from Pippin, and Sam’s group began to learn Who I’d Be from Shrek!  In the afternoon, we began to devise.  The Kids worked on some situations where there could be heroes and villains.  Jane’s group brainstormed some heroes and villains, and then improvised some eulogies for the funerals of some made up superheroes.  Sam’s group worked on devising from images and image titles to create the cover image for some crazy newspaper headlines.  Tomorrow, Sam will be teaching each group about Commedia dell’arte, and we will  start to build off of what we created today!