Happy Grandparents Day!

Today was Dress Like A Grandparent Day!  We started the day with a grandparent fashion show to show off all of our awesome outfits to one another.  Both groups have finished their shows!  The Kids spend the day finishing their story and staging their scenes.  The Teens did a full work through and and a stumble through!  Tomorrow will be a full day of run throughs for both groups!

Water Day, Water Yay!

Today was water day!  So at recess, after a morning filled with a ton of hard work from both groups, we all put on our swimsuits and went for splash in the water feature at the park!  It was a ton of fun, and we all got to cool ourselves off on this hot day!  Also, it seems like nearly every other camp had the same idea that we did because there were a lot of people enjoying the water feature with us!  After our water day, we went right back to devising!  The Kids are almost finished with their show, and need one more day to finish and perfect their story!  The Teens finished their show!  Tomorrow, both groups will be working through their first ever runs of their entire show!

My My, Just How Much I’ve Missed Ya!

Today was a busy day for both groups especially after the weekend!  Both groups have finished their songs, and are working on polishing!  The Teens also began staging their solos.  In Dance, both groups are polishing their dances!  Old Town Road looks especially good!  The Kids revised their story and are moving forward tomorrow.  The Teens wrote two more scenes!  Tomorrow is Water Day which should be fun for everyone!

Talents and Popsicles!?!?!

Today was our talent share day and our popsicle day.  In the morning, both groups continued all of their hard work in music and dance to keep refining songs and dances.  The Kids also did some work on their show!  In the afternoon, the Kids played some games while the Teens devised.  The Teens came up with an entire chase sequence which is quite funny.  Then we ended the day by enjoying popsicles while share our talents with one another!  Have a great weekend!  Monday should be a very full day!

Kids These Days!

Today was super exciting and full of hard work from both groups!  The Teens all worked on their solos, and we even worked on some lyric changes so that our songs will line up with our show!  Mamma Mia is almost done and looks amazing!  The Kids began working on some featured lines in their songs, and continued to work on Old Town Road.  In the afternoon, the Teens wrote two brand new scenes for their play!  The Kids started to work on a hysterical chase scene which will be featured in their play.  Tomorrow is our talent share day, and we are all excited to see what everyone can do!

Family Traditions Day!

Today we all brought in and talked about a tradition we each have in our families.  We heard just about everything from family vacations to lighting candles for Shabbat.  I think we all learned a lot about each other and each other’s families.  It may also influence some of our devising!  Who knows?  Maybe you will see your family tradition included in one of the plays!  In Music, the Kids began to learn Kids from Bye Bye Birdie, and the Teens began to work on We Are Family and some Solos!  In Dance, both groups continued to work hard on the dances we started yesterday.  Our devising sessions proved to be really successful as both groups now have a full scene for our plays!  The Kids are working on a wedding scene and the Teens are working on a haunted house scene!  We’ll see what happens next…